What’s inside

The darknet can be divided into two parts: sites with texts and forums without censorship of any government and darknet stores selling anything. There are a lot of trading sites, and they most often offer something illegal. We will not list them, they are not small.

Darknet and Cryptocurrency

Since 2014, the darknet has grown several times thanks to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Before that, the payment mechanism inside was complicated, and this stopped many. Bitcoin has lowered the threshold for entering the paid darknet and made it available to almost everyone.

Now almost everything that happens inside the darknet is paid for with bitcoins. There are even separate bitcoin exchanges with simplified registration in order to leave as few electronic traces as possible.

The word “darknet” has almost become a cliche, which denotes everything forbidden, difficult to access and potentially dangerous that is on the Web. But what is a real darknet? We offer you another study in which we share everything that we have managed to dig up recently. This time — with a focus on Russian dark resources.

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